Theme Change

I have changed the look and feel of my blog to use a new theme. This one handles background images better, and scales better for different sized browser windows. I think that the background image is pale enough so that it doesn’t make it hard to read. If anyone has trouble reading posts with the new theme please let me know. Here is an image of the site with the old theme:

The site as it looked with the previous theme


New theme and underlying URL

I thought that now I have a Hindu name I should move my blog, which was originally registered as WordPress made this change very easy, and since most people will access the blog through the URL they won’t notice any difference. You can see the underlying URL by clicking on an image.

At the same time I have changed the theme to Ocean Mist. I haven’t decided whether to keep this or to go back to the Mistylook theme, as used on the old site. Both look pretty good but I haven’t decided which I like best.


I found the Mistylook theme attractive but a little crowded and difficult to read. WordPress have now released a new default theme, Twenty Ten, which I have now switched to. I like the “footer widget area”, which allows me to put some widgets that are probably useful to some people, but not important enough to put in the right menu. If you scroll to the bottom you will see various ratings and RSS feeds.

Edit 2

Since this WordPress have brought out a new theme, Coraline. I have now switched to using this.